A performance-oriented approach to computational simulation

PMS has strengthened its expertise by acquiring a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation software and adding to the team an engineer who specialises in the field, thereby strengthening our position in mixture engineering.

The modelling simulates the reality of mixing and agitation, taking into account the various parameters such as temperature, pressure, pumping flow rate, granulometry, viscosity, density, etc.

Digital studies allow for the analysis of complex behaviours and scenarios by varying the validation and agitation parameters within shorter timescales and with fewer constraints than in real-life tests.

CFD allows for making useful observations and help with decision-making on the design of agitators and the validation stages, with access to all the data (pressure, concentration, temperature, etc.) and the ability to vary the data until a suitable agitated tank profile is recommended.
Based on our experience in computational simulation, our engineers, who draw on both our in-house computing capabilities and a strong network of specialists in cutting-edge laboratories, will accompany you from the specification stage right through to the interpretation of the data.

We also have pilot units to help you carry out and validate your acceptance tests, with our support and our advice

PMS can help you improve the efficiency of your processes involving agitators and mixers. Improve your performance, reduce your costs and your production times to stand out from the competition.