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entreprise pms
40ans d'expérience

Here at PMS, we believe that the overall performance of industrial processes relies on technological mastery.

PMS has been designing and manufacturing industrial agitators for 40 years. We have acquired in-depth knowledge of our customers’ processes and expertise in mixing techniques, including computational modelling.

We are a 25-person SME backed by a 350-person French industrial group. We are based in the Paris region, with a team of engineers in the design office, a production workshop, a purchasing department and other support services, as well as a sales department consisting of 6 people.

Today, we are developing our technical and sales offer based on 3 strategic pillars:

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based on performance, with the optimisation of our agitation and mixing solutions.

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with a proven design and manufacturing process tailored to your needs.

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promoting efficiency by taking into account the overall operating cost and guaranteeing optimum use of our agitators.

Mixing Engineering

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We have the capacity to develop hygienic agitation solutions to meet the safety needs of industrial processes.

We can guarantee performance by understanding our customers' trades, building on our experience, producing computational models and providing testing resources.

Efficiency is at the heart of our concerns, and we strive to offer optimum utilisation rates, including easy maintenance, interchangeable equipment and remote assistance.

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We design and manufacture tailor-made industrial mixers and agitators for the food, sugar, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical, green chemical, biotech and environmental industries.

We optimise mixing processes through computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling

We help manufacturers replace existing industrial agitation systems (Retrofitting & Revamping)

We have a dedicated customer service (maintenance, assistance and commissioning)


PMS is a member of :

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PMS complies with the most stringent international standards in terms of design and manufacture.

The company has been ISO 9011 V2015 certified since 2016. We are now aiming to obtain ISO 14001 certification to demonstrate our commitment towards the environment and eco- design.

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We firmly believe that the export market is the key to our development. PMS is strengthening its presence among its customers, including boilermakers and integrators, in Europe and around the world. We are also developing our network of agents and distributors to provide a local service to our customers.

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