Agri-food Industry

Our industrial agitation solutions are particularly well suited to the requirements of the agri-food industry in terms of hygienic design, performance and reliability.

We are committed to working with all the sector’s professionals on a daily basis to define, design and manufacture tailored, efficient industrial agitation solutions that comply with the highest hygiene standards.

Your choice of agitator or mixer depends on both its function - maintaining homogeneity, homogenisation, emulsion, crystallisation, heat transfer, suspension, maintaining in suspension, dispersion - and the characteristics of the product to be transformed - milk, yoghurt, cream, ice cream, cheese, wines & spirits, fruit juice, fruit purée, stewed fruit, baby food, soup, sauces, ready meals, cocoa butter, chocolate, sugar, caramel, oil, pet food, starch, yeast, flavourings, ingredients, novel food, etc.

Our ranges of industrial pendulum, horizontal and tank bottom agitators cover all the industry’s needs, whatever their intended function.

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Discover our full range of industrial agitators, mixers and dispersers for your agri-food applications: