The characteristics and sturdiness of our agitation solutions are very much sought- after by professionals in the environmental sector.

Since PMS was founded, we have developed a range of pendulum agitators, horizontal agitators and mixers dedicated to the treatment of water, waste water in water treatment plants, industrial effluents and waste methanisation processes.

Your choice of agitator or mixer depends on both its function - mixing, maintaining in suspension, coagulation, flocculation, physico-chemical treatment, water neutralisation, heat transfer, hydrolysis, decantation, disintegration, injection, pH adjustment, evaporation, hygienisation, clarification, recarbonation - and the characteristics of the product to be treated - drinking water, municipal wastewater, industrial waste, sludge, lime, coagulants, flocculants, etc.

They trust us

Discover our full range of industrial agitators, dispersers and mixers dedicated to environmental trades: