Double movement agitators

  • Independence of geared motors for starting up, direction and speed of rotation
  • Specifying propeller profiles, anchors & device characteristics according to agitator constraints and functionalities
  • Definition of seals and control head characteristics according to operating conditions (by V-ring or Mechanical Seal)
  • Hygienic design with propellers welded to the shaft or hub, complying with the most stringent international standards
  • Wall scraping:
    Optimised heat transfer
    Reduced product residues in the tank and reduced CIP cycle times
  • Scrapers : 
    Clip-on assembly, easy to clean
    Automatic wear compensation
    Optimised orientation for easy emptying
  • Maintaining product integrity

  • High pumping flow

  • Ergonomics & safety

  • Easy maintenance

  • Increased installation productivity

  • Mixing

  • Homogenisation

  • Heat transfer

  • Dilution

  • Maintaining in suspension

  • Maintaining homogeneity

  • Homogenisation of high-viscosity media

  • Stirrer for all tank volumes

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