MHPH mixers and blenders for the agri-food industry

  • Continuous or discontinuous production of intimate mixtures between powders, between powders and masses, between liquids and solids, etc.
  • Hygienic design
  • Achieving a perfectly homogenous agglomerate-free product, with reproducible batches
  • Definition of seals and control head characteristics according to operating conditions
  • Responsibility for the specification and performance of our agitator solutions, with a commitment to results

Fields of application

  • Cylindrical mixing body with optimised blade design on a horizontal shaft to:

- Rapidly disperse all the products introduced into the mixer's roof

- Start mixing as soon as the product is incorporated

- Convey the mixture from the inlet to the outlet, except in the case of batches, while guaranteeing homogeneity

- Avoid jams

- Accept the accidental passage of a foreign body

- Limit the effect of abrasion as much as possible

  • Increased installation productivity
  • Cheese making
  • Mixed powders (flour, sugar, cocoa, semolina, yeast, herbal teas, etc.)
  • Wetting and impregnation operations (milk, proteins, various colourings, flavourings, etc.)
  • Livestock feed (molasses and molasse-containing products, various mixes before pressing or extrusion, etc.)
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